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-- I steal from the kitty.

I did something close to this for Setsuna a while back but it's high time I update.

Me: Nayami (not actually Japanese in any way or form; I'm just too lazy to change my handle from like years ago)

Playing: Mudou Setsuna, Lelouch, Kiryuu Zero, Toboe and Kiba.

Available on: IRC, as Lulu, Setchan, Zero, Toboe, and Kiba. But let's be honest, I'm usually on Zero. E-mail is or you can hit me up on gchat at Nayami00. You can also hit me up on plurk @seakittens.

Timezone/Language: EST, English.

Goals: I don't do goals but as long as I remain in IC and do my charas decent justice, I'm happy.

Betaing: Best with canons I know. I'm pretty vicious and a flow/grammar nazi. I've chased everyone away, haven't I?

AUs: I suck. Nuff said.


Scheduling Issues: I can usually do 7-8 p.m. to 2 a.m. unless work has me chasing some big story in the morning. I do occasionally romp off to visit my friends out of the area during the weekends. They don't like me ditching them for a computer. Also, after 2 a.m., I am usually a slug but I'll still poke.

How I Play: I'm slow and can usually only focus on one thing at a time (playing, IRC, ooc comm, etc.) If I have to assess a character's reaction in more detail, I will be slower.

As far as crack vs. emo goes: I enjoy the angst A LOT, but as I know what camp's major purpose is, I try to play to its strengths. Lelouch specifically, can be a dark, angsty bastard depending on the nature of the conversation, but absurdity tops him hard, as does cuteness. Zero is definitely the easier one to get on a crack topic. Kiba, I admit, can be a difficult one to thread with because he's not really a talker, but if you get him on a good topic, he usually opens up. He's a sweetie really.

Jumping: I love jumping. You can ask if you don't think I'll notice. I actually suggest this since my computer hates thread notifications.

Thread Dropping: I drop if I think the character would not continue the conversation further or if I just plain run out of time. If it's the latter, I usually have no problem with continuing later. I also drop threads if I'm in a response rut. Other than that, I WILL BACK-THREAD FOREVER. If I drop a thread you want to continue, feel free to contact me.

Comfort Levels: As Lelouch, I'm fairly cautious, but Setsuna can be a blunt asshole without realizing it, warn me if he's pushing you. He doesn't mean it; he just lacks tact. Zero
is also incredibly antagonist at times. Toboe and Kiba should be fair game. Note, Kiba is violent so take that into account if threats are otherwise involved.

Concrit: I hit the concrit comm whenever I can, but I always miss out on the big Sunday rush so if you have anything you want to say, I'll make this nice and screened for you. I like trying to better myself.


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