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A few quick notes about the puppy. One, he is actually a wolf; the human form is an illusion. This whole thing is very flexible in canon since they favor fanservice over logic. But for purpose of this interpretation, if you touch Toboe, you will be touching a wolf. For this reason, Toboe isn't going to be purposely touching people that much at first. But hey, puppies have mistakes. Toboe also loses control of his illusion when he's overly emotional -- either bad or good. And while he looks like he is carrying things with his hands, he is really doing it with his teeth. As for the computer typing -- hey if the babydragon can pull it off.

What this means is that if your character is an animal (this goes for Animorphs while in morph or Sohmas while in animal form), they will see Toboe in his true form. Toboe also understands animals. As for non-animals being able to tell Toboe's truth form, it can happen whenever people are not fully conscious (drunk/dazed/sleepy). I will also grant permission to anyone who can typically see through illusions. Anyone else, assume you can tell something is... off, similar to the Sohmas. If you are some INSANELY POWERFUL MAGICIAN who doesn't fit into the above category but still think you can see the puppy, let me know below.

Also, Toboe loev playing with other people's pets. Lol. Except cats. He's a bit scared of cats...

Oh, I am having Toboe remember being here before so if you knew Toboe, give me a heads up. o/

ETA: Also what does your character smell like?
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