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Age: Young wolf. Looks about 14 when human.
Height: Shortish?
Weight: Toboe's a pretty slender wolf so he's a skinny-ish human.
Medical Info: Is a wolf.
Eyes: Brown when human. Yellow when wolf.
Hair: Reddish brown.
Physical traits: See here. Wolf form is reddish brown with tannish highlights. He also wears a set of silver bracelets on his right wrist/front forepaw.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: I'm ok with pretty much anything.

Abilities: Can take a fair bit of damage since moonlight heals him. Has very good hearing and an enhanced sense of smell. Is faster than most humans, good at dodging and can leap insanely high. Ninjas got nothing on WR wolves. Fighting skills are so-so unless he's really really really UPSET. THEN HE WILL KICK YOUR ASS. Seriously, he took down a walrus that had to be as big as or bigger than an elephant. Toboe can do some real damage when he's protecting those he cares about. But most of the time, he's skittish and fluffy and adorable.

Being a wolf, Toboe can also sense when things aren't quite normal about others. He won't sense whether people have powers or whatever, but he'll be more cautious around anyone who's not human because he's a cautious puppy.

Notes for the Psychics: Is a puppy so he thinks of a lot of things at once. These include but aren't limited to Tsume, the pack, Cheza, his dead Granny (the human who raised him) and his regret over killing her, Quent, Paradise and possibly food.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Um, bodyswapping might be hard since he's a wolf. But everything else is fine. He might whimper or he might bite, depending.
Maim/Murder/Death: ASK. Why would you want to hurt a puppy? :(
Cooking: Is a wolf.
Kissing/Touching/Etc.: OMG FURRY!!!!


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