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Character: Toboe
Series: Wolf's Rain
Character Age: Looks about 14
Canon: The world is becoming a frozen wasteland and nobles fight over whatever resources remain. Amid this destruction is the legend of Paradise, a place only wolves can find. Thought to be extinct, four wolves blend into society under the guise of humans, while still very much acting like wolves. After discovering the Flower Maiden, they start on their journey toward Paradise.

Toboe is the youngest of the wolves and extremely fond of humans, having been raised by one. This makes him more polite than the others and most in need of companionship. His sense of hearing seems to be the best in the pack and Toboe usually learns things from listening to other animals. Still very much a puppy, Toboe is emotional, impulsive and prone to very bad luck. He is also weaker than the rest but reveals a fierce strength when his pack is in danger.

Sample Post:

Wow I've never seen so many people outside the city! I thought they were scared of leaving. Is it true one lady takes care of all of them? She sounds so bold to accept a huge job like that!

The toucans told me about her. They said a long time ago she lost someone really special to her and was very lonely so she started looking all over the place for people to talk to. She must really be kind if all of them decided to stay with her! I heard she's always giving them new looks and playing games with them. Maybe she'll play with me too! I promise I won't be too rough and I'll try not to bite. Sometimes I do when I get too excited...But I'm working on that!

Oh I should ask the other guys if they want to join in too! They can be kind of weird about that stuff but I know they'll feel a lot better when they see how nice everyone is. Even the other animals! Like those gorillas that were helping that guy with his clothes. I don't know why he wanted to take them off in all the snow, but the gorillas made sure he wasn't cold by hugging him really close. They all looked so warm together, I wish I could've helped. What do you mean not everyone's into furry? But animals and humans get along so well here! When I was walking by, I even saw some people talking to a pair of cats. I think they were pretending to tease them about breaking some rule. But they weren't just talking to them like pets, they understood them! They were laughing and smiling like the cats were their best friends! And cats aren't usually very friendly.

The only mean person I've seen so far was the one who tried to grab me. I was just trying to bring back the bone he threw at his friend. They looked like they were playing fetch, but I guess they didn't want anyone else. The bone was pretty weird too. It didn't smell right, like something moldy and wet... It must be really old -- I know! I'll find them a new and better toy, and then they won't be so grumpy. We can all have fun together!

But right now I have to talk to the lady right away! I have to ask her where to find the weird guy who gave me this piece of paper when I first got here. Um, I can't tell what it says, but I heard him say something about a locked room and other wolves. Are there really wolves here? That's great! But why would they be locked up? I have to find them as soon as possible! Hey, maybe that sheep knows where to look! I'll just promise not to eat him in return for helping me.

... Why shouldn't he trust me? It's the truth! No, I'm not crying!

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