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A few quick notes about the puppy. One, he is actually a wolf; the human form is an illusion. This whole thing is very flexible in canon since they favor fanservice over logic. But for purpose of this interpretation, if you touch Toboe, you will be touching a wolf. For this reason, Toboe isn't going to be purposely touching people that much at first. But hey, puppies have mistakes. Toboe also loses control of his illusion when he's overly emotional -- either bad or good. And while he looks like he is carrying things with his hands, he is really doing it with his teeth. As for the computer typing -- hey if the babydragon can pull it off.

What this means is that if your character is an animal (this goes for Animorphs while in morph or Sohmas while in animal form), they will see Toboe in his true form. Toboe also understands animals. As for non-animals being able to tell Toboe's truth form, it can happen whenever people are not fully conscious (drunk/dazed/sleepy). I will also grant permission to anyone who can typically see through illusions. Anyone else, assume you can tell something is... off, similar to the Sohmas. If you are some INSANELY POWERFUL MAGICIAN who doesn't fit into the above category but still think you can see the puppy, let me know below.

Also, Toboe loev playing with other people's pets. Lol. Except cats. He's a bit scared of cats...

Oh, I am having Toboe remember being here before so if you knew Toboe, give me a heads up. o/

ETA: Also what does your character smell like?

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...haha so. ACCORDING TO THE MANGAKA'S OWN DOUJIN animals are like. absolutely terrified of Ayanami, with the sole exception of panthers. As in playing dead/huddling in the far corner of the room in fear. So uh. FEEL FREE to play this up as you see fit. :Db

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Oh good, Toboe always needs excuses to hide and be cute.

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Itachi will remember Toboe! |3

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Toboe still loev ninjas.

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o/ Capell is not naturally able to see through illusions, but one of his flute songs is specifically for granting such a power. Capell doesn't like. Walk around just playing his flute, but it is something he does fairly regularly, especially when he is feeling conversationally awkward :B

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It could be fun to play with.

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Mokona would probably be able to tell, since she can sense magic/is magical/etc? She'd also be able to understand him, since she can talk to animals and stuff too? IDK IT'S UP TO YOU I DON'T KNOW HOW IT WORKS XD

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Mokona is technically animal-enough for her to get the pass anyway. XD And also looks like a puffy chew toy!

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BB will definitely see Toboe in his animal forms! Doyle would... probably be able to smell him in demon-form?

The two that might be iffy for me are Taiga and Kintaros (Retsu has his "Beast Heart" but idk not really turning into an animal. it's just like his soul animal)

Taiga isn't human at all (he's an energy vampire) and he has two literal forms. One is human-looking. The other, well, canon doesn't say but I'm saying he's a viper. I'm not sure if he'd see Toboe in both, just true form, or neither.

And Kintaros is canonically a spirit given the form of a bear from Ryoutarou's memories! Just... a gold one that looks more human than bear-ish. I have no idea if this is animal enough to ping. (he does seem to recognize Imagin actively possessing people though so...)

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Most likely, Taiga would be able to sense something is up but could only see him while in viper form.

Kintaros... your choice.

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I think Aya's the only one who would be able to see through his illusion and that only when her Dragon Eye is activated and he's in the immediate area? And I'd let you know/ask for permission if that were to happen anyway.

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As long as I have heads up, I'm usually good with it. It's not a huge thing. It just weirds him out to get caught.

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I don't know if Shigure'd be able to tell just via SOULPING.

Date: 2009-01-18 06:28 am (UTC)
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It depends! Like I figure Toboe can sense animals about the Sohmas.

I'll leave whether you guys can see Toboe when not in your animal forms up to you.

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Molly has the Wizard's Sight, which allows her to see the true nature of everything--wizards usually use this to see through illusions or to see what's happening spiritually (like a spiritual mauling, etc.). The catch is that what the wizard sees is permanently fresh in their memory, so they don't want to turn on the Sight for every little thing out of fear that they'll see something they'd rather wish they hadn't. So this is...possible but unlikely, at least until Molly isn't uneasy about what might be under Toboe's illusion.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Molly's magic makes her increasingly sensitive--she can already feel things that aren't actually magic happening, such as when someone dies all the way on the other side of the parking lot. Coupled with her natural talent for performing illusions herself, she's likely to pick up on the fact that there is an illusion even without actually activating her Sight.

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OKAY so there are two characters who this is applicable.

Colette has a thing about naming and nicknaming dogs or anything that resembles a dog. She will probably see right through Toboe's illusion, pet him and give him a nickname ("Tobby" or something) because that's just how Colette rolls. SHE WILL LOEV TOBOE FOREVER. COLETTE LOEV DOGGIES.

Ronan is canonically topped by animals. Any animal. All the time. And he's a wizard so he can probably see through the illusion anyway. In any case, he will probably end up being Toboe's bitch because that's how Ronan rolls.

Date: 2009-01-18 07:27 pm (UTC)
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I am confused again why she's able to break the illusion... The other stuff sounds fun though!


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♥ Wolf's Rain ♥

Um. Well, let's see.

Atoli might be able to sense something? Her Avatar's powers are illusion-centric, and canon shows her as being able to detect hidden or strange things. This usually manifests as "hearing" something, so I'm not sure how that might apply. Either way, Atoli LOVES animals. She'll probably write him off as a dog, and adore him and pet him and give him treats. ♥

Bat would be fooled in human form, but his demon form is animal-based and doesn't "see" in a traditional sense. So...I guess when transformed he'd see Toboe's true form? I'm not sure how complete the illusion would be in terms of fooling sense of smell, though. Bat's sense of smell is amazingly keen, on par with most animals. Thoughts on if that might apply?

PS: Feel free to be pinged by Bat being a creepy, psychopathic carnivorous/cannibal monster. He's probably thinking about eating you RIGHT NOW. ♥

Date: 2009-01-18 07:28 pm (UTC)
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Makes sense to me.

Toboe will so be very pinged by Bat. Since animals can detect weidness and whatnot.

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Nita might be able to figure it out at some point, maybe. But I think she'd only figure it out if she got to know him.

Castor has supirior soul sensing powers of some sort, and could figure it out if he had the facts to add together.

Vlad could auracheck the wolfpuppy form against the human form if he saw them both.

Date: 2009-01-18 07:29 pm (UTC)
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I am pretty lenient with the wizards and their wizarding powers.

Vlad could be very interesting...

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I've never honestly been clear at all on whether Marisa can identify non-humans. Thus I tend towards playing it as a mostly mundane (essentially) but very apt skill born from common sense and extensive experience. She'd probably peg him as non-human pretty easily since it sounds like his behavior isn't... that... stealthy. But not in detail, and also she really doesn't care at all unless it becomes entertaining.

Anyway, what she can definitely sense is large amounts of magical energy. So if the illusion is really an active effect, that might actually be more interesting. I dunno a thing about your canon, though, what do you think?

Date: 2009-01-18 09:54 pm (UTC)
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I'm not sure what exactly the illusion is... metaphysical most likely. But feel free to be pinged by something animal-like about him.

Date: 2009-01-18 09:38 pm (UTC)
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Hatori miiiight be able to sense something's a little off (just like he did with the PSOH animals), but yeah, I figure he wouldn't see the wolf unless Toboe let it slip or... if he was seahorse'd, lol.

Sakura though, is... crazy godmod magical princess. CANONICALLY, she can talk to spirits, trees, and stuff, so... I dunno? She'd probably be able to sense it, but I'll leave the illusion-seeing up to you. ♥

Date: 2009-01-18 09:57 pm (UTC)
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... I want to carry the seahorse in my mouth just because.

I think Sakura might be able to see. But maybe it would be a gradual thing during the course of the conversation.

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LATE but since I have new peeps!

Apollo would only see the illusion :|b The only time he --might-- be able to see his true form is if Toboe gets worked up if Apollo tried to perceive him (basically a heightened sense of vision/perception when trying to point out nervous twitches if he thought someone was lying.) But I'll leave that up to you o/

Kharg is half deimos/demon, but is not really in touch with those instincts, so he'd always only see the human illusion.

Yukari and Ash would only see the human illusion, but his Pokemon see the wolf \o/ Same goes for Shaymin obviously. Also, Ash probably remembers Toboe, if only in a "Hey, welcome back!" sense |Db
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O hay a thing I should fill out.

Morrolan works like Vlad, basically, but he's unlikely to mention it unless Toboe brings it up; that would be rude, after all.

Ivy's resistance to illusion is mysterious, although she's good at them herself, so I'm going to say she can't see through it unless something makes her suspicious.

Stiaan is a very perceptive angel-thing and can probably see through the illusion. He canonly speaks to animals in their own language.

Date: 2009-04-26 10:51 pm (UTC)
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Bandou Mitsuru will be none the wiser.

Delirium loev dogs and is insanity herself. Even if she can't see THROUGH the illusion, she may sense it is there, or may intentionally not TRY to see through it.

Yukimi will be none the wiser.

Dancy will be none the wiser unless her angel tells her, or she finds out during a thread. Also, she's completely unphased by talking animals. In canon she holds entire conversations with talking birds and even a taxidermied bear. Yeaaaaah. >_>

Belphegor will be none the wiser.

Date: 2009-04-27 04:01 am (UTC)
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Mukuro is an illusionist and probably pretty good at seeing through illusions?

X-23 has superhuman smelling/sight/hearing/senses IDK do what you will.

Aeris smells of flowers and maybe chocobos as she lives in the stables

Akazukin EVVVILLLL and blood and deaaathhh and dark and stuff

Arthur armor, boy, sweat

Break candy!

Dietrich very very clean.

Mukuro . . .idk.

X-23 . . . idk. Probably pretty regular person, uh sweat and stuff from working out. Maybe a faint trace of metal.

Date: 2009-06-23 04:27 am (UTC)
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Raidou is a summoner and capable of seeing demons where most humans in his world can't. Whether that would extend to Toboe, I'm not sure, since Toboe isn't a demon. Outside camp, Raidou has a talking cat for a mentor - technically, the cat is a [spoiler], but to everyone who isn't a devil summoner or otherwise spiritually gifted, he's your basic black cat.

Raidou's demons, on the other hand, will probably be able to see through the illusion, and the more beastlike demons, like Gdon, will be able to smell through it. I don't know how easily Toboe could detect them; if he can, Gdon will probably scare the heck out of him, since he's afraid of cats and she's. A tiger. Who is also on fire.

Date: 2009-08-04 02:19 am (UTC)
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Canaan will be oblivious. \o/

Wilhelm would see you as you truly are. He's an immortal semi-deity.

Zhu Irzh is a demon. Up to you what he sees, but he could tell you're a wolf by scent.
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